Freshers 2017

If you're reading this as somebody who's hoping to start at Durham in October, then, welcome! This page contains some details for you, and for anybody thinking about joining DUSCR.

We'll be at the Fresher's Fair on the 4th or 5th October (date TBC), so come and say hi! If you can't make it then, drop an email to Michael, the current Secretary, to keep in the loop. We'll be holding our first practice of the year on the 13th October at St. Oswald's Church, which you're very welcome to come along to, whether you signed up at the Fresher's Fair or not. If you've got any questions, please feel free to email Rachael, the current Master of the Society.

About Us

As a society, DUSCR practices once a week during term time. These practices take place on Wednesday nights from 7:30 - 9:00 at St. Brandon's Church, Brancepeth, about five miles outside Durham. Transport for these practices is always arranged by the society.

Of course we don't only exist to ring bells for services and practice nights. There's more to the society than that, which is why we have a very active social life outside of ringing- so you can look forward to handbells, board game nights and, of course, pub trips throughout the year.

We are a mixed bunch of people from all walks of life, and we are not all experienced ringers. We welcome ringers of all standards, including total beginners, who are given individual tuition so that they can be integrated into the main band as soon as they can ring their bell in time with others.

If you are still unsure, come along on a Wednesday night and give it a go! If you have any questions to ask, then please don't hesitate to contact one of the executive committee.

Termly Tours

Every term we have a day trip to a different part of the local area. The Freshers' Tour tends to be in the county, but the Treasurer's Tour can go as far away as York or Whitby. The Easter term holds the annual Summer Tour - a several day-long trip to a far-off county, where we ring at around 20 towers, get matching t-shirts, and - of course - play lots of Wok, the traditional DUSCR game.

Annual Dinner

The Annual Dinner is a big event where past and present members of the society join together for a posh meal, with all the trimmings - including dinner jackets and dresses. It's always a lot of fun, with a tour to a nearby city during the day- previous outings have seen us go to Hexham, Hartlepool, and York- some great food, a little too much wine, and topped off with a ceilidh.

St. Brandon's, Brancepeth

St Brandon's, Brancepeth

DUSCR Summer Tour 201t to Nottingham

The Summer Tour 2017

Annual DUSCR Dinner

The Annual DUSCR Dinner 2016