9th - 12th June Our summer tour to Nottingham was great fun, filled with ringing, beer, and not enough sleep. We rang at 17 towers over the weekend, then rang at Ossies when we got back because we apparently hadn't done enough ringing.
18th June Successful day of quarter peals, with a first quarter of Lincolnshire Surprise Major for 3 of our members, and Cambridge Surprise Minor for one.
20th June The handbell morning was successful, with great progress being made, and topped off with cream tea.
21st June Our last practice of the academic year & TGM welcomed some new people into exec roles and said goodbye to the graduating members. Regular practices will be back in October!

Upcoming Events

9th - 10th September Life tour to Salford
4th - 5th October Fresher's fair
7th October Miniring outside the DSU
13th October Fresher's practice, St. Oswald's Church
2nd December Annual Dinner and tour to Darlington