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Charles Augarde 

Professor in Civil Engineering, Department of Engineering, Durham University, UK

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Department of Engineering 
Durham University
South Road
Durham DH1 3LE, UK
T: 0191 334 2504 
dot  augarde  at   dur.ac.uk

Research Interests

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Research projects present and recentish past

Research in the School is managed into Research Challenges. See the School pages for details. Below are projects in which I am involved.

Graduate students (& topics)
as main supervisor; as second supervisor where I actually did something rather than in name only) Some theses are available at the Durham University eTheses archive, links below 


Current editorial board memberships

Conferences (future)


Courses I am teaching at Durham this academic year (2019/20)

Outside Durham I have contributed to the UK courses on computational geotechnics run by

some Durham colleagues

People I work with (past & present & future?)