New papers!

In a busy month for papers, two new articles will be in print shortly.

The first is appearing in Journal of Physical Chemistry C with Matt Jones lead author.  In this article we use Kinetic Monte Carlo models to examine the dynamics of charge separation and its interpretation using kinetic (Jablonski) models.  In it, we show that it is very challenging to correlate rates found by kinetic model fits to the actual physical rates occurring within the Monte Carlo model.  We also show that biexponential charge transfer decays can be observed when only one recombination rate is present.  Well done to Matt on his first paper!

The second is a Perspective which is now available in Energy and Environmental Science.  In it, I review Kinetic Monte Carlo models as applied to OPVs, touching on charge transport, injection, extraction, and geminate and non-geminate recombination.  Hopefully it will serve as a good primer to any groups wanting to begin their own modelling, as well as reviewing what useful things people have done with such models.

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