Durham University

Department of Engineering – where we are based
The Durham Energy Institute – a research institute we contribute to
The Durham Centre for Molecular and Nanoscale Electronics – a research centre for which I am co-director

NECEM Project

The North East Centre for Energy Materials project website.  A collaborative project between Newcastle, Northumbria and Durham Universities involving a number of cross-cutting projects examining how to tailor materials and interfaces to solve fundamental energy problems. CG is the management board member for Durham.


The Renewable Energies Northeast Universities Centre for Doctoral Training (ReNU CDT) will create the next generation of Energy Materials scientists and Engineers.  It is a result of £5.5m investment from EPSRC, and more contributions from industry and the three host Universities of Northumbria, Newcastle and Durham.  CG is the Institution Director for Durham.




Collaborators outside of Durham – past and present, in alphabetical order

Prof Nigel Clarke, Sheffield University
Ganapathysubramanian Group, Iowa State University
Ginger Group, University of Washington
Dr Jan Anton Koster, Groningen University
Prof John Marohn, Cornell University
McNeill Group, University of Monash
Optoelectronics Group, Cambridge University
Prof Alison Walker, Bath University
Dr Karin Zojer, Graz University

Useful links for research and OPV

NREL World Record Efficiency chart – see what the latest record is!
Sustainable Energy Without the Hot Air – An excellent book that puts some numbers on what needs to be done to meet climate change targets.
How to write a paper – A video by Prof George Whitesides of Harvard University on how to write a paper, and he should know!