Faith in the Questions Riding Lights Theatre Company

Faith in the Questions is made up of several elements brought together to consider the relationship between faith and science. The event opens with a performance of Counting the Clouds, a newly commissioned one-act play by Nigel Forde. The play Imagines Job as a respected scientist whose work is wrestling with the unpredictable structure of the universe. Is God really in control? When Job’s personal world is shaken to the core, how can he reassemble the pieces of the puzzle, both professionally and spiritually? In conversation with God, Job is invited to look harder

in the natural world, to question further and think more deeply… in effect to take up the position of science.

During a break for coffee, audience members are invited to submit written questions to a moderator who then chairs around 50 minutes of discussion with a penal of four scientists on the subjects raised by the questions. Questions raised on the three nights in June 2017, varied tremendously from evening to evening covering subjects from artificial intelligence to genetic engineering via stem cell research and matters of biblical interpretation. Discussion was lively, relevant and honest about what cannot be known yet and the consequent challenges. Science, faith and art under one roof proved both thought provoking and stimulating. We trust that many went away both hopeful and encouraged.