Grace Church, Truro

Many Christians operate with a dualistic mind-set, drawing a sharp distinction between the “sacred” and the “secular”, or the “spiritual” and the “natural”. This mind-set is often especially prevalent among Christians working in the sciences. Many find it difficult to make the connections between living Christ-centred lives and working within a scientific paradigm. Other Christians drift into the sciences unthinkingly: it’s not that they find it difficult to make these connections; it’s just that they’ve never really tried.

The project leaders are committed to challenging and changing the popularly held view that science and faith are in conflict. Part of that task involves familiarising Christians with the language of the scientific community. The goal of this project is to raise the profile and significance for Christian discipleship both of scientific endeavour and the science-faith conversation.

The project will seek to address the challenges and encourage these connections as big questions concerning science and faith are explored via live interviews with and high quality videos of church members who work in the sciences.