The Project

The project grew out of preliminary research funded by Templeton World Charity Foundation (TWCF) which was headed by Canon Professor David Wilkinson, Professor Tom McLeish, the Rt Revd Dr Richard Cheetham (Bishop of Kingston) and Dr Rebecca Bouveng.

This project identified a lack of confidence on the part of a number of senior church leaders (selected both from the Church of England and some parachurch organizations) in discussing and/or engaging with science. Wilkinson and his team secured further funding from TWCF to broaden out the project.

The new goals were to establish, on a much larger scale, what clergy attitudes are towards science, and to improve scientific literacy among senior church leaders. The expansion of this project also saw the arrival of two new team members: Revd Dr Kathryn Pritchard and Dr Lydia Reid.

This project has five overlapping elements.

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We aim to improve scientific literacy by doing the following:

  1. Using empirical research to identify the attitudes of clergy on science and Christianity
  2. Producing theological training materials (e.g. the Church of England’s ‘Common Awards’)
  3. Offering generous funding for projects which raise the awareness of the value of the theology-science conversation in a local church congregation
  4. Hosting a number of science and theology themed conferences for senior church leaders with contributions from cutting edge academic scientists and theologians
  5. Offering resources and supportive networks to senior church leaders to equip and inform them in their engagement with issues relating to science and Christianity in the public square

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