Scientists in Congregations

How do we raise fresh awareness of the significance of the science-theology conversation in the lives of church congregations – big, small, all-age, rural, urban, student, cathedral and hospital? How do we raise the profile of the locally based science professional in his or her local church? The ‘Scientists in Congregations’ scheme provides a year of funding for new project proposals which seek to do just that.

We are looking for teams of church leaders and science professionals to produce project proposals designed with their interests and particular congregations in mind. We are as interested in small schemes as we are in larger proposals. Project proposals can be offered on behalf of a group of churches, an area or deanery, for example.

We are offering a maximum of £10,000 per project.

We are in the second phase at the moment and the deadline for applications is November 11, 2016.

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Please communicate via email for all correspondence.