The Regulations for Rowing on the River Wear

This is the document, approved by the DURB, which all college boat clubs along with DUBC must operate by. The document should be used alongside the RowSafe guidelines produced by British rowing so that all rowing related activities are conducted safely and responsibly. All college rowers, coaches and exec members should be familiar with this document.

Safety Regulations 2013

Regulations for Rowing_ V1.2

Contained within this document are a comprehensive set of rules which must be followed at all times. Any infringements of these rules will lead to action being taken by DCR against the offending club which may take the form of a fine. Serious incidents may lead to a river ban.

A hard copy of the Regulations for Rowing needs to be on display in every college boat club along with other safety information.

Important information from the Regulations;


Please see the map below for comprehensive guidance on spinning. Where possible crews should avoid spinning in the sections of the river that are not marked in green. Eights should only spin past DARC landing stage and on the downstream side of Prebends Bridge.

Coxing Map

Rowing in Darkness

No inexperienced crews or coxes are allowed to train on the Wear in the darkness. This includes beginner crews and crews that do not fulfill the competency criteria.


                   Boats on the water must be fitted with bright lights 30 minutes before official sunset and lights must remain on a boat until 30 minutes after official sunrise. For example, if official sunrise is 08:00hrs and official sunset is 16:00hrs a boat must be fitted with lights before 08:30hrs and after 15:30hrs.
                   If a boat is required to be fitted with lights it must be visible in a three hundred and sixty degree circle with a static bright white light on the bow and a static bright red light on the stern. Lights must be fitted securely to the shell of the boat. Lights must not be fitted to rowers, coxes or riggers.

Water Level

Crews must not boat if the river is above the white line on the DSU landing stage or midway up the bottom of the “2” on the upstream side of Elvet Bridge. Be aware that level is not indicative of speed and do not boat unless the entire crew feels safe doing so.


Coxes must wear a life jacket on their outermost layer

Special arrangements

Wednesday Afternoons- Only crews containing 50% or fewer rowers or scullers who have been classed as ‘competent’ may row on the River Wear on a Wednesday afternoon between the hours of 1pm and 4pm during the Michaelmas Term.

Thursday Mornings- Only crews consisting entirely of ‘competent’ rowers, scullers and coxes may row on the River Wear on a Thursday morning between the hours of 6am and 9am. All Crews rowing on the Race Course shall only be allowed to participate in the 1k timed pieces organised by DUBC. Club Captains to contact President DUBC by 20.00 Wednesday prior.

Any infringements of the Regulations of rowing should be reported to the DCR captain (

Any enquires about safety on or off the water can be directed to the DCR water safety officer (

Information for coaches and beginners

The following document contains information which must coaches must be aware of. It also contains information that should be presented to beginner rowers.

Safety for Beginners:


British Rowing safety information

There is a wide range of safety information provided by British Rowing which can be found on the following website.

The regional water safety officer for British Rowing is John Mulholland and any water safety concerns may be directed to him: John.

Durham University Rowing Board

The DURB is the group which meets to discuss all rowing related matters of Durham University. The board has representatives from DCR, DUBC, British rowing and Durham University. A representative from DARC may be invited to the board where they are concerned with matters on the Wear. The rules and regulations above are approved by the board and are supported by the university.

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