About CCBC

Who is CCBC for?

CCBC exists to provide the opportunity to row at any level to anyone who wants to do so. If you have never rowed before and you don’t know what its all about we have people who are wanting to help you learn more about rowing and to help you develop your love

of a great sport. If you have rowed before then we have a squad of athletes who have rivaled some of the top university boats in events all over the country, with the help of external coaching.

CCBCs History

Since 1982, when it was formed, CCBC has always produced successful boats which have won medals and pots at events in Durham as well as further afield.

Boats have also won medals at BUSA, the inter university regatta, beating boats from the Durham University squad. Also CCBC have qualified on a number of occaisions at Henley Royal Regatta, one of the most pretigious events in the rowing calendar, and a feat achieved by only the best boats.

What do we have to help you achieve?

CCBC has the use of a boat house on the River Wear. It is located below Hild Gym and has a great position during racing on the Wear.

CCBC has a number of coxed fours for use by athletes of different levels:

  • Novices:
    • Waterhall
    • Cyrill
    • Tigger
  • Senior:
    • Oliver Philpot (Janousek)
    • Jubilee (Aylings)
  • Top Crews:
    • Gerald Blake (Stelph)
    • Daniel Moore (Swift)
    • Catherine Peach (Sims Evolution VIII)
    • Iris (Sims Evolution Coxless Pair)

To aid training and to help with our athletes fitness and technique ergo sessions are held at DARC.


Every year we take on approximately 50/60 novices, both male and female.  These novices are usually coached by members of both the men’s and women’s senior squad in the wooden IVs for the first term, with the main event in the first term being the Novice Cup, where all of the Novices of  Durham University’s Colleges take to the water together and battle it out to win the much coveted “Novice Cup”.  It is a great weekend for both competitors and spectators, with much amusement coming from novice coxes’ steering.

The Second term is based on building up fitness, with many of the novices joining in with the seniors circuit training, ergo sessions and squad runs.  Ergo tests are compulsory for novices wanting to race competitively, and Novices will be put into boats based on ability in preparation for the summer racing season.

In the third term, especially after exams, novices will travel to local summer regatta events to race, including Durham Regatta, Hexham Regatta and Tyne Regatta, and hopefully lose their novice!  They will then join the senior squads the following October after a training camp at some point in September to help integrate them into the Senior Squad