CCBC was founded in 1982 and is one of the most successful boat clubs in Durham. Having won medals and pots all over the country, the top CCBC boats have qualified for Henley Royal Regatta on a number of occasions – a feat only achieved by the best boats.

Recent highlights include the women’s first IV representing CCBC at Henley Women’s Regatta and the purchase of two new Stampfli IV’s in Michaelmas term 2018 (picture below of the boat naming ceremony).


Naming ceremony of ‘Isla’ and ‘Lotte’, CCBC’s latest purchase.

The CCBC Fleet

We have a large fleet of boats consisting of:

  • Fine pair
    • Iris (Swift)
  • Restricted wooden IVs:
    • Cyril
    • Tigger
  • Wooden IVs:
    • Waterhall
  • Fine IVs:
    • Isla (Stampfli)
    • Lotte (Stampfli)
    • Gerald Blake (Stelph)
    • Daniel Moore (Swift)
    • Oliver Philpot (Janousek)
  • Fine VIIIs:
    • Catherine Peach (Sims Evolution)
    • Sara Pilkington (Stampfli)


Every year we take on 60+ novices, both male and female. We value our new members highly, as they are crucial to the ongoing success of the club. Training is conducted by members of the senior squad and coordinated by the Novice Development team. Generally training is based on technical work in Michaelmas term, then adding fitness sessions in Epiphany term, in order to make sure crews are well prepared for regatta season in Easter term. By the end of the year, the novices are almost fully integrated into the senior squad.


Led by the Men’s Captain and Women’s Captain, the CCBC senior squads are a force to be reckoned with. With two preseason training camps a year, numerous water sessions every week, and regular fitness work, the men’s and women’s squads work hard for their successes. Combined with the help of numerous level two coaches, the senior squad has years of experience at its disposal.


CCBC also has a great social scene, with major events every term as well as some of the best nights out in Durham every few weeks.