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The following facilities are avalible to MCR members:


The MCR is also the name for the room (lounge) at the top of Richmond block, where most postgraduate livers-in live, in flat R7A.
There is a TV, Wii and DVD player, sofas, bean bags, dining table and a kichen for use by Richmond residents.
The MCR and Richmond's Kitchen was complely refurbished and relocated for expansion in 2010 (it used to be a bedroom on the ground floor)
Livers-out members can apply for a key for access.


The JCR, short for Junior Common Room, is the undergraduate body of students, but is also a room, located downstairs in the main building. Here there is a pool table, shop ("Woodstock"), pizza shop, gym ("Wood 'n' Muscles"), and coffee shop ("Wood 'n' Spoon") which sells sandwiches, cakes, and hot and cold drinks.
All MCR members are also members of the JCR.


The SCR, short for Senior Common Room, is a body made up of past and present members of the University, College tutors and local people with an interest in the College. The SCR is also a private room behind reception.
All MCR members are honorary members of the SCR.

Postal Mail

All mail for liver's-in goes into pidgeon holes at the enterance to Richmond block after collection from the porters' lodge in the foyer.
Livers-out mail goes into post racks in the JCR.

Bar ("Redwood Arms")

The college bar, located next to the JCR is one of the best college bars in the university. It is the heart and soul of the college, hosting many of the events throughout the year, and provides a great place to meet and chat to people.

Lomor Library

Collingwood College has its own library, available to all JCR members.
Whilst not as extensive as the main university libraries, the college library does contain many of the preferred text books for the more popular

Computing Facilities

The college computer room contains 14 computers running Windows XP, connected to the University network providing high speed Internet access. There is also a colour laser printer, and a black and white laser printer - which are kept full of paper and toner by the JCR's IT Officer.
You can print to these printers either from the Computer Room, or via your Study Bedroom by connecting to the printer using the instructions on the universities' Information Technology Services's (ITS) remote printing page. Printing requires printer credits to be on your ITS user account.
For livers-in, in addition to the computer room, each bedroom contains a network point providing access to the university network and Internet at a faster than broadband speed, all included in your residents charge.