Jazz & Wine

24th November

Jazz and Wine was a fantastic success.This formal evening was a sophisticated affair, designed to give SCA’s volunteers and their guests a chance to kick back with some wine and celebrate all their hard volunteering work.

The evening opened with a wine reception in the fabulously atmospheric Joachim Room at Hild Bede. Throughout the night a number of musical acts performed, including Kinky Jeff and the Swingers, The Palatinate Quartet, Grollingwood, Cuth's Big Band and Off The Beat. Our exclusive bar offered further refreshment, at the prices you would expect from a college bar.

The night brought together both SCA volunteers and those who are not members of SCA. We’d like to thank everyone who came along and made the night such a success – and we look forward to seeing you at next year’s event!

Dr Who Event - Dalekmania 3

16th November

Dr Who's enemies celebrated his 50th birthday in Stockton Central LibraryThe public were able to meet life-sized Maleks, see the TARDIS up close, and took photos with them. There was a ''Who-ray!'' shop that sold plenty of Dr Who merchandise, and people even attended the event dressed as their favourite character. Additionally, there were games, face-painting and a few airings of the classic episodes.

Remembrance Sunday Tea

10th November

The Remembrance Sunday Tea provided a chance for people of all ages to get together and commemorate members of the armed forces who sacrificed themselves in WWI. Student Community Action welcomed members of the public and the university to enjoy tea and cakes at St Johns College. It was a chance for people to escape the cold after the Cathedral service and enjoy a chat over some hot drinks and home baked delights. The event was a great success attracting over 60 people, including many members of the local community who were impressed by the work of SCA and the desire of students to serve, and get to know, the Durham community. A memorable quote from an attendee was, ''I thought students just went to their lectures and then went back home – I didn’t realize they did all this other stuff!”

SCA Project Fairs

SCA invited students to the termly project fair, where they chatted to the leaders of every one of our projects and found out which ones were right for them. We had hundreds of volunteers through the doors, and got to meets lots of new and returning volunteers. If you missed it, then not to worry! Pop into the office, check the list of projects on this website or drop us an email

oSCArs – Student Community Action, Durham University Awards Evening

The oSCArs, SCA's annual awards evening, was held on Monday 10th June in Castle Great Hall.

The evening is designed to celebrate all things SCA, and to congratulate all our volunteers for their hard work over the past year. In addition, special awards were presented to those individuals who have gone above and beyond for SCA.

In addition to the award ceremony, guests were treated to a sparkling wine drinks reception, delicious buffet food with a further glass of wine served and some special musical entertainment from DUOS and Basement Jazz.

The night closed with the Folk Society getting everyone dancing in one of their famous ceilidhs!

Awards Winners

Outstanding Volunteer - Sarah Lasher - Sarah has dedicated an incredible amount of time to SCA, and her people skills make her stand out. She motivated her team in often challenging circumstances, and was both hugely respected and exceptionally well liked by every member. Within just two years, Sarah has injected a huge amount of enthusiasm and excitement into every project in which she is involved. Her peers were constantly in awe of her ability to engage children, manage volunteers effectively, and organise a broad range of activities. Sarah leads by example and inspires everyone to follow her, and has made great contributions to both the CATSS and GOALS projects.

Outstanding Ambassador - Emma Sankey - Perpetually enthusiastic, Emma has taken every opportunity to develop her role further than the requirements dictate. She has shown outstanding initiative in engaging with new community partners, and has found ways to tailor their needs to the strengths of SCA. Above all, she has worked tirelessly, giving support and advice wherever it was necessary or useful, and always offering to help out wherever possible. Her hard work has significantly contributed to the success of the Ambassadors this year.

Outstanding Project Leader or Project Leader Team - Rosie Jackson - Despite being the sole Project Leader, Rosie has managed to pair over 60 volunteers who provide regular academic support to pupils at the Sixth Form centre, which has often involved replying to over fifty emails per day! She is a great communicator, approachable, determined and conscientious. All of her peers have considered it a real pleasure to work with her this year, and she has more than justified earning this award.

Golden Oldie - Jessica White - Jess has held two positions in SCA, and fulfilled them both spectacularly. As NEPACS’ Project Leader for two years, she has enabled many others to volunteer, whilst also giving hundreds of hours herself as a volunteer. Her professionalism and dedication on the project have led to a fantastic working relationship with both the volunteers on the project and the staff at NEPACS, which will strengthen our work invaluably in the long term. Meanwhile, as the Ambassador for Collingwood College, she has found innovative ways to engage volunteers, encouraging them to attend a range of socials and volunteering activities. Jess’ work is inspirational, embodying the best of the spirit of volunteering, and inspiring that spirit in others.

Outstanding Community Partner - Kath Fenwick - Despite organisational restructuring and other barriers to continuation of the Young Carers’ project (formerly Seaham project), Kath has fought for continuing student leadership in the project and has helped to develop it to be a rewarding and enjoyable project for those students involved. This award is truly deserved, given Kath’s determination and belief in the positive impacts that student volunteering can have.

SCA Awards - Brand-new for this year, a number of very-special SCA Awards were handed out to those individuals who really opitimise what Student Community Action is all about. They may not be specifically in any of the above categories, but all round their lasting impression on SCA may be worthy of recognition in the form of an SCA Award.

Awarded to: Anthony Packer, Chandar Lal, Isobel Cafferty, James Taylor, Paul Shearer, Sarah Hardy and Vicky Lipp.

Thanks for everyone's nominations and we hope everyone had a great night!