We want to make sure that as a volunteer you feel confident and well prepared for volunteering on your projects. On this page you’ll find information about the training sessions running each term to equip you for your volunteering – go ahead and sign up!

If you have any questions or suggestions for training you’d like to see contact Hannah at or 0191 334 1207.



Social Media Training – Wednesday 11th October (4-5pm, PC050)

For all project leaders and events exec personnel. This training covers how best to recruit for projects and advertise your events alongside the successes you and your volunteers achieve! Please bring a note on how many service users and volunteers you would’ve liked to recruit and whether or not you’ve met this aim.

Project Leader Training – Friday 13th October (5-6pm, ER155)

The final PL training—for those who are unable to make the previous sessions. Will cover your role and responsibilities, along with some practical advice for managing volunteers.

Upshot Training –  Tuesday 17th or Thursday 19th October (6-7pm, ER151)

Compulsory for all PLs. this practical session covers all the essentials of upshot, our online system to record the wonderful work we do! Learn how to create registers, input volunteer hours and events.

Social Media Drop-in Sessions (2-5.30pm, PC012)

For all those PLs who have not met their recruitment targets, a member of the Durham University Marketing and Communications team will be available for a 30 minute drop-in session. They will give you advice on how to use social media and other techniques of advertising to your advantage. Please contact Hannah at if you would like to use this service.

Managing Difficult Child Behaviour –  Friday 27th October (6-7pm, ER143)

Led by Professor Joe Elliott, this session is for anyone volunteering with children or teenagers who are often disruptive. The training will cover possible reasons behind this behaviour and how to deal with it, as well as methods to motivate the kids to stay focused on achieving the goals of the project.

Tutoring Skills – Monday 30th October (6-7.15pm, ER247)

Delivered by PeerzAcademy, this session will help you gain the skills needed to be able to deliver effective one-to-one tutoring for GCSE and A-Level students.

Working with Vulnerable Children Frontline Training – Monday 30th October (12-2pm, EH009 in Elvet Hill House)

This session, run by Frontline, covers how to work with vulnerable children.  It will also give you a taster into social work as a profession.

Dementia Friends Workshop – Tuesday 31st October (4-5pm ER207)

This training will focus specifically on working with individuals with Dementia to raise your awareness and develop techniques for working with this specific group.

Intergenerational Training – Tuesday 31st October (5pm- 6pm, ER145)

Run by Age UK, the session will highlight some of the issues that volunteers may encounter when working with the elderly, along with detailing ways to overcome these obstacles.

Please click HERE to sign up for both the Dementia Friends Workshop and Intergenerational Training.


Emergency First Aid at Work (FANE) – Wednesday 1st  November (3– 9pm, ER144 and ER149)

An in depth first aid course for PLs, looking at how to provide crucial first aid and dealing with an emergency. This course gives you the opportunity to earn a nationally recognised certificate upon completion. Places are limited. Sign-up details will be put online at a later date so keep an eye out!

Tutoring Skills – Wednesday 1st November (5.30-6.45pm, ER155)

Delivered by PeerzAcademy, this session will help you gain the skills needed to be able to deliver effective one-to-one tutoring for GCSE and A-Level students.

Coding Training – Thursday 3rd November (7-9pm, ER150)

This training is designed to teach you how to deliver coding skills to children.

Managing Child Behaviour – Wednesday 8th November (7-8pm, PCL048)

In this informative training session, explore the ways in which you can manage children’s behaviour. The training is particularly useful for projects that frequently work with young people from challenging backgrounds.



Listening Skills

Delivered by Nightline, this interactive session will equip you with a range of skills in active listening. Great for any volunteers working with children or adults at risk.

Heartstart First Aid

Provided by the LINKS society, this training will cover the basics in First Aid including CPR, dealing with serious bleeding and other emergency aid.

Dog Handling

Compulsory if you plan to volunteer with dogs. The session will cover the basic do and don’t’s.