A Week in the Life

A Week in the Life

Lauren, an SCA volunteer and college's co-ordinator, sheds light on a week in her life...


On Monday’s I start at 10am. After a couple of lectures I have a meeting in the SCA office with a member of SCA staff and Caragh and Zeenia, who I run the Thurston Project with. Thurston is a performing arts group for disadvantaged children. Together we quickly go over what went well and what could have gone better about last Friday’s session and then I grab some lunch before my next lecture. After my last lecture finishes at six I walk home to have dinner. I send a quick email to the Thurston volunteers asking who can make this Friday’s session before watching a film with my housemates.


I start the day at 9am with a chemistry tutorial and then head to the library to work on a lab report that’s due next week. I go to my only lecture of the day at 1pm and then walk into town to meet Caragh and Zeenia for coffee. We need to plan Friday’s session and cast the children for the end of term production of ‘Peter Pan’. When I get home I do some more work on my lab report until my housemates come home.


I have three lectures in the morning and then go round a friend’s house for lunch. At 2pm I have a meeting for the SCA college representatives, I’m the rep for St Mary’s. We brainstorm event ideas for the upcoming Student Volunteering Week and everyone is given something to look into for next week. Afterwards I head to Mary’s and quickly change for college dance at 4pm. I go home before meeting a friend out for dinner.


I have a 9am lecture and then 10am-5pm in the chemistry lab. After dinner my housemates and I go to Castle Bar for the evening.


Friday is a busy day. After a lecture at 9am I have another full day in the lab. Afterwards I pop home quickly for dinner and then meet Caragh, Zeenia and five Thurston volunteers at 6:30pm to get the minibus to the village where we run the project. The session starts well with a warm up game of ‘Splat’ and the children are all happy with the parts they’ve been given. We split into groups and start looking at parts of the script. Towards the end the children get a bit distracted so we do a couple of relay races to release some energy. After the session we have a quick de-brief with the volunteers. I’m home in time to get ready to go out for my housemate’s birthday.