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We believe that communities should provide inclusive support to the mentally ill, and our project will achieve this through practical, fun activities and transformative listening-based projects. Through our partnership organisations, you will be able to volunteer your time, friendship and skills to make a positive difference in these people’s lives. 1 in 4 people suffer from mental ill health at some point in their life, yet there is still a strong social stigma surrounding these illnesses. This project will challenge and develop your perceptions, and allow you to interact with real people’s stories. We aim to channel this understanding into an awareness campaign, which will interact with the university and colleges by running informative fundraising nights. The Durham Minds project offers many volunteering options for students from both campuses and will include regular socials for all volunteers, so we can share our experiences in a relaxed setting.

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Contact Hannah and Liz at mentalhealth.sca@durham.ac.uk

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