MFL Secondary

Interested in helping to promote languages in schools? The MFL Secondary Project runs weekly lunchtime and after school clubs for secondary school pupils, allowing them to discover a new side to language learning. Depending on arrangement between the schools and volunteers, sessions either build on the school curriculum through conversation clubs and help sessions, or avoid it entirely, giving pupils a chance to lean about a variety of different aspects relating to foreign cultures, such as food, music and traditions. The project is open to anyone interested in teaching any language; in the past volunteers have run clubs in French, German, Spanish, Italian and Mandarin, with taster sessions in Arabic and Russian. New languages are always welcome! Volunteers typically work in pairs or small groups, and are usually free to plan their own sessions, particularly in beginner languages. It’s a perfect opportunity to meet with local pupils, try out new activities and just generally share your enthusiasm for language learning.

Where? Local schools

When? Various weekdays- flexible

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