Student Exec

Student Exec

Each member of the exec carries out a specific role to make sure that SCA performs, and develops, as best as possible for both our volunteers and the communities that we serve.

President - Mia O'Shea -

Mia is the face of SCA and responsible for driving the organisation forward. If you have any ideas or suggestions she will be happy to hear from you.

Vice-President – Katie Butler -

Katie is responsible for making sure SCA's image is clear and consistent as well as supporting Mia as President.

Educational Projects Chair – Priyanka VR -

Recreational Projects Chair –  Celeste Ho and Hannah Darnton -

Community Projects Chair – Rebecca Leach -

Events Coordinator -

Promoting, fundraising and recruitment are all important events in SCA’s calendar. If you want to get involved in helping to organise these events, drop our events coordinator an email!

Colleges Coordinator – Kali-Rose Smith -

Each college has an SCA ambassador, who is recruited and coordinated by the colleges coordinator, Kali-Rose. All ambassadors are responsible for running one-off events and advertising SCA in their college. If you would like to be an ambassador, or get involved in one-off events, get in touch with Kali-Rose.

Fundraising Officer - Phoung Nguyen -


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