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SCA are working alongside Durham Constabulary to enable students to support some of their work in the local community. Students can work on a number of projects, some of examples of which are below. To keep up to date on events join our Facebook group or email community.action@durham.ac.uk

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Safe City Campaign

The Safe City Campaign’s aim is to make Durham the safest university town/city in the UK. It aims to make Durham an attractive and inviting, place to live, work, study and visit. The main aims are to prevent and disrupt crime, environmental issues, anti-social behaviour and improve community cohesion by utilising a multi-agency approach. A number of events are a part of this campaign.

Durham City Bear Hunt

The Durham City Bear Hunt aims to educate children about crime prevention, stranger danger and environmental issues. This is a major event in the police calendar and requires a lot of assistance to run. It runs from the 26th March- 12TH April. Volunteers will be required on the 26th March to promote the activity, with leaflets and communicating with the public. Volunteers on this day will also be required to be the Safe City Bear (yes the police have a giant bear suit) and one person to guide them. Advertising and Marketing of the event is also required on the 4th, 5th, 10th and 11th March. Some of this activity may involve working with the local shops to encourage them to promote the bears in their shop windows, as there is competition between the shops, for the best dressed bear. If you can make any of these dates and wish to help out any time given will be extremely helpful.

Time Commitment: Flexible, from 1 hour- 4 hours

Improved Employability in: Marketing and advertising, Retail/retail graduate schemes.

Community Speed Watch

Community Speed Watch aims to reduce speed in critical areas and educate people about the dangers of speeding. It works in response to complaints about speeding in specific areas. Non-vetted volunteers are always needed to assist on operations on set days; this will require a few hours of your time. You will go to an area flagged as a potential risk by coordinators, with a speed matrix; record the details of all people speeding and a coordinator will contact those people via letter.

There is also currently a need for vetted volunteers to take on an organisational role. This will require you to work closely with the Neighbourhood Team and the community. Plan CSW operations, reacting to issues in the community and contacting people caught speeding. This role is specifically for vetted Police Support Volunteers.

Time Commitment: Non vetted= Flexible but blocks of 2 or 3 hours for operations. Vetted= Dependent on commitment to a role. You can discuss this with the Inspector and current coordinators.

Improved employability in: Community orientated careers, Criminal Justice careers, Police. Coordinators will also develop organisational, leadership and management skills.

Operation Hawkeye

Operation Hawkeye is a high profile crime prevention initiative, to prevent theft from motor vehicles. It has been proven to reduce this type of crime and is a brilliant initiative to be involved in. Volunteers are required on operations, under the supervision of PCSOs, to record valuable items on show in vehicles. This is a role that has a large amount of interaction with the public; people will ask you what you are doing. It is a fantastic opportunity to get experience of communicating with the public.

Time Commitment: Flexible on what you do, but when committing to an operation these will be a few hours.

Improved employability in: If you want to do any career that requires community/public contact I strongly recommend this programme. Great examples for interview/applications in communication, customer service, resilience etc.

Operation Westcliffe

Operation Westcliffe is a high profile crime prevention initiative to prevent burglaries. It involves searching for unsecure property, for example with an open door, and attempting to alert the inhabitants to the inherent security risk by entering the property through this insecure point of entry. You will be accompanied by police at all times. This is an enjoyable and effective operation that gives you a new perspective on security.

Time Commitment: Flexible, time based on operation length

Improved Employability in: Criminal Justice Careers, Security, Community interaction roles. This role requires a lot of confidence.

Operation Spoke

Operation Spoke aims to prevent theft of bikes, if you have had experience of this or are a keen cyclist this may be of interest to you. The operation involves marking bikes with barcodes and other theft prevention measures, so if a bike is stolen and recovered it can be returned to you with little hassle. The police are looking for volunteers to help run operation spoke and the sessions where people come and tag their bikes. These events will also be advertised to allow you to attend to have your bike tagged.

Time Commitment: Flexible with events you organise dependent on pre-arranged time

Improve Employability in: Criminal Justice Careers, Problem solving roles and Community orientated roles

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