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At Durham we believe that University sport has a pivotal role to play within the community, and consequently the impact we have in the locality, the region and internationally is very important to us.

The University Sport programme now engages with all 47 local Durham schools and all of the city’s major clubs.

Our involvement is increasingly rewarding; over 100 students volunteer to coach within schools on an annual basis, whilst approximately 2000 children are presented with the opportunity to use the University’s sporting facilities each year.These opportunities include our comprehensive school holiday scheme that helps to develop sporting skills and habits in local children.

However it is perhaps the role that these partnerships play beyond sport that is most important, with the aspirations of children increasing as a direct result of exposure to the University and regular access to current university students.

Our projects are getting bigger and better, with student volunteers helping to keep this quality coaching and links with the community. To get involved find us on facebook:!/groups/teamdurhamsportvolunteering/ or email us on:

Projects Include:

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