Victim Care and Advice Service

SCA Volunteering will be working with the Victim Care and Advice Service (VCAS) to help victims of crime to cope with the immediate impact of being a victim of crime and assist in their subsequent recovery.

VCAS volunteers will be required to work in partnership with a Victim Care Officer providing emotional and practical support to victims of crime. Volunteers will assist throughout a victim’s journey from coping with the immediate impact of the crime until they reach the point of recovery.

Their role can be variable, challenging and rewarding. Volunteering with VCAS will help you to develop new skills and gain valuable experience in supporting others at a difficult time.

VCAS volunteers will be asked to give a minimum commitment of 12 months but will have the freedom to decide the hours worked during this time. The level of commitment will be variable and in accordance with the experience and intended role of the volunteer.

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