Queen’s Campus

The following student-led projects are all based near to Queen’s Campus in Stockton. However, this doesn’t mean that they’re limited to students at John Snow and Stephenson. Likewise, if you’re a Queen’s Campus student, you’re not restricted to these projects: you can also volunteer on the Durham-based projects. The X1 bus is free with your campus card, and connects the two campuses.

Below you can find an alphabetical list of all the projects based in Stockton, if you are not sure you can look at the projects in specific categories;


Art club artclub.sca@durham.ac.uk 
Dog Walking qcdogwalking.sca@durham.ac.uk 
Gardening Club gardeningclub.sca@durham.ac.uk 
1-to-1 tutoring qctutoring.sca@durham.ac.uk 
Riverbank riverbank.sca@durham.ac.uk 
Roseville elderly.sca@durham.ac.uk 
Tea Parties qcteadances.sca@durham.ac.uk 

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