Queen’s Campus

Queen’s Campus has a range of opportunities for you to volunteer in the local community. These projects aren’t limited to students at John Snow or Stephenson, if you’re based in Durham City simply hop on the X12 bus for free using your campus card and travel between campuses!

For more information about any of the projects follow the links below, or contact any of the project leaders on the email addresses listed at the bottom of this page:

Adult Outreach

Children’s Projects

Community Projects

Sports Outreach Projects

For any questions or for more information about volunteering at Queens, come along and speak to Hannah in her office in the Sports Centre, or get in touch using queens.sca@durham.ac.uk 


A Way Out – Children’s Health awayout.sca@durham.ac.uk
Beyond Boundaries beyondboundaries.sca@durham.ac.uk
Daisy Chain daisychain.sca@durham.ac.uk
Dog Walking qcdogwalking.sca@durham.ac.uk
Generations Together qcbefriending.sca@durham.ac.uk
Healthy Lifestyles peri.anderson@durham.ac.uk
NHS Health Workshops peri.anderson@durham.ac.uk
One-to-One Tutoring qctutoring.sca@durham.ac.uk
Primary School Clubs qcprimaryschoolclubs.sca@durham.ac.uk
Team Durham Football peri.anderson@durham.ac.uk
Tea Parties (QC) qcteadances.sca@durham.ac.uk
The Road Ahead theroadahead.sca@durham.ac.uk