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Tree-felling at Low Barnes

Sunday 20th November 2005

Low Barns Nature Reserve

Well, this trip got off to an interesting (but chilly) start when we learned that the reason our minibus was an hour late was because the driver was in jail!  At least he had a good excuse...

Still, we did manage to get to the reserve in the end and despite its seemingly deserted appearance, our team of skilled trackers managed to quickly locate the tree-felling team.

After a quick introductory talk and short-course in the art of tree-felling, we got stuck in and chopped down a whole load of silver birch and willow trees.  The birch logs were stacked and stored for charcoal burning while the rest of the timber was burnt on a massive bonfire which also served to thaw out our feet (and eventually a chunk of ice added by Rich G).

There are lots of photos of various stages of destruction in the gallery and there is this hot powerpoint show. Turn up the volume.


Charlotte xx

PS, for those of you who missed out on the sausage-roll song, you can recreate the moment by checking out the song "By the Mystic Regulation" over at The Grand Duke web opera.

PPS, Richy D visited Low Barnes in late October to check on last year's tree planting poject. It's his favourite reserve. It has four bird hides and a visitor centre. Wicked! There are some photos here.

Durham Wildlife Trust
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