A vibrant and diverse evangelical Christian community.

‘Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind…’  Romans 12:2

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Cranmer Hall, St John’s College,

3 South Bailey, Durham DH1 3RJ

The Cranmer Hall Community

Cranmer Hall is a theological college engaged in the task of forming men and women for ministry.

Rooted in an evangelical Anglican tradition our community is made up of people of varying ages and diverse backgrounds, and from a broad range of Christian traditions.

Here people mine the riches of the Bible and Christian tradition and engage in ministry and mission.

Cranmer Hall is part of St John’s College, founded in 1909 to provide a place for those training for ordained ministry in the context of Durham University.

This means that we are a community within a community and thus enjoy the fellowship of a small college and the riches of an internationally renowned University.

Although the majority of the students in college are preparing for ordained ministry in the Church of England, each year we are joined by students of a variety of traditions and denominations who live, learn and worship alongside ordinands. In addition, the spouses, children and friends of students play an active and lively part in our shared life.

The College has good links with a local crèche, and schools in Durham are very good.

The Cranmer Hall community is rich and diverse, people of all ages and backgrounds are a valuable part of our community life.

Survivial Guide

We provide all of our new students with a Survival Guide, everything you could possibly need to know about living in Durham.

“Living in College is a good option. You’ve got friends, food, the Chapel, the library and the bar on your doorstep, and you’re very near to the city centre. It’s been great living, learning and praying in community directly alongside other ordinands who live in.”
The Revd James Menzies, Cranmer Hall, 2008-2010

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