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Dr Andrés E. Goeta


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Andrés Goeta came to the UK for the BCA teaching school in 1993 as a PhD student from La Plata, Argentina and was immediately popular and much admired. He stayed for the BCA meeting in Manchester that year and met many of our colleagues there for the first time. He later joined my group the following year, still during his PhD studies, in order to collect some low temperature data for his charge density studies as the machine at home was down for an extended period. He was funded by the British Council and he came with his young wife Marcela, for just a few months on that visit. He returned a year later in 1995 as a post doc in my group, from which he was appointed to the newly established post of X-ray Service manager for the department in 1998. Andrés trained as a physicist with Professor Graciela Punte in La Plata, but rapidly espoused chemistry. He was a very fine scientist all round and a tremendous colleague and a very loyal friend to the group and the department. He has always been a great supervisor, mentor and teacher to our students, our post doctoral researchers and visitors from all over the world and nothing was too much to ask him to do.

He loved his work, his life in Durham, he was helpful to everyone in the department and beyond. Andrés truly inspired others by his attitude to his science and life in general. As well as his important managerial role for the department Andrés was teaching the undergraduate and postgraduate students through lectures, workshops and laboratory classes. He had his own research group and PhD students but we all worked and shared our lab space and equipment together. Andrés took over the running of the long standing Durham BCA/CCG teaching schools recently and he had become a notable figure in the BCA community. He was a member of the BCA Council and would have been a UK delegate to the XXII Congress and General Assembly of the International Union of Crystallography, in Madrid in August 2013. Andrés had also been a co-editor of Acta Crystallographica for some years but reviewed for many scientific journals. He was an excellent experimentalist and managed the X-ray service so well, at the same time as all of his research outputs. I cannot begin to tell you how much I and my group will miss him and the department too will feel his untimely passing in so many ways.

Andrés lived for his family and his work. He loved to do things en famille and with the children, hiking and camping all together in the Lake District, cycling locally or longer distance rides with his friends, swimming, walking his canine friend Max, an adorable chocolate brown Labrador, cooking for the family and friends. He had re-designed their kitchen recently to enable him to cook while entertaining rather than shut off in the kitchen away from people; summer BBQs were a favourite of his too. He loved to entertain and their house seemed always to be full of friends and their children.

Andrés has been tragically and so suddenly taken from us and the department has lost a real gem of a person and very clever scientist. Please add your own silent prayers and thoughts as you read this note and remember what Andrés meant to each one of you that knew him in your own way. Our thoughts dwell principally with his family, his wife Marcela and their two children Annabella and Nico, his father Francisco and Marcela's mother Elsa.

Professor Judith A. K. Howard, August 2011