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The Chemical Crystallography Laboratory provides the Crystallographic Service for research groups at Durham. Last year this laboratory achieved around 300 completed service structure solutions - and this is on top of our own usual research work!


The service provides crystal structure determinations at the temperature range 30-500K using one of our five available for this purpose state-of-the-art CCD area detector diffractometers.


These facilities allow fast screening of samples. The turnaround time from sample submission to the e-mailing of the results to a chemist takes from several hours to 2-4 days (in ~75% cases).

The Mo-Radiation and temperature of 120K is a standard experimental mode.




The service also provides a number of non-standard experimental techniques:


-  Various methods of handling sensitive and non-stable samples;

- Multi-temperature (30-500K) measurements (mainly used for studying phase transitions);

- In situ crystallisation of non-solid under ambient conditions compounds ;

- In situ laser irradiation of the crystal for studying photo-induced solid-state reactions and photochromism;

- Various high-pressure attachments.


However, usually we do not provide a crystallization service. Useful practical tips for growing your crystals can be found in

How to grow good single crystals” by O.Chetina.


The service is run mainly by Dr. Dmitry Yufit and Dr. Andrei Batsanov (room CG072, tel. 42004) who are the first points of enquiries.

The usual procedure of submission of the samples to Crystallographic Service can be found here.



We are also providing crystallographic service to outside parties on a commercial basis.


In addition, X-ray powder diffraction of polycrystalline samples between 15 K and 1500 K is also available.

Phase identification and quantitative analysis are possible using this equipment.

Please, contact Dr. J.S.O.Evans for more information on this service