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Professor Judith A. K. Howard CBE FRS

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Group leader and chairperson of OlexSys, with wide ranging research interests in the field of small molecule crystallography using both X-rays and neutrons. I have been involved in pushing the boundaries of the subject whether in the methodology, instrument development, dealing with difficult to handle materials or solving problematic structures.
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Dr Andrei S. Batsanov

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Senior Experimental Officer carrying out service crystal structure determinations. Research interests include intermolecular interactions, crystal packing, polymorphism and phase transitions of molecular crystals; structural effects on electric, magnetic and optical properties or organic and organometallic solids; transition-metal carboxylate clusters with O- and F-bridges.


Dr Oleg Dolomanov

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Key member of the OLEX2 software development team and OlexSys, who invented, developed and maintains the OLEX2 software. Oleg also maintains the DIMAS – database of the samples, submitted to the Departmental X-ray service


Dr Horst Puschmann

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Member of OLEX2 team and OlexSys. Our work is based around the fact that almost all existing crystallographic software is relatively ancient and cannot be maintained neither by their originators (many of which are nearing retirement) nor meaningfully by anybody else, for lack of original documentation and, more importantly, the inherent limitations of software that was conceived in a very different world of available hardware and software technologies.

It is our aim to implement a large body of essential crystallographic software in a modern, maintainable, re-usable and shared development environment. We endeavour to do this in collaboration with as many interested parties as possible. The project is open source and we are distributing pre-compiled executables for all platforms free of charge.

The most visible part of our project is the Olex2 Software, which provides a user interface to the results of our work. It is also increasingly becoming very useful as a tool for working with small-molecule crystal structures for researchers of all levels of crystallographic expertise.


Dr Dmitry S. Yufit

Description: Description: Dimitry Yufit

A person responsible for day-to-day running of the Departmental Crystallography Service and in the maintenance of laboratory equipment. My own research interests include the in-situ crystallization of non-solid under ambient conditions compounds as well as structural studies of intermolecular interactions and polymorphism in low-melting molecular complexes. I am also one of the co-editors of Acta Crystallographica C.


PhD Students


Miss Helen E. Mason

PhD student looking at solid-state phenomena such as thermochromism and photochromism using single crystal X-ray diffraction, diffuse reflectance and Raman spectroscopy.

Mr Joe Ridout

Description: Description: JR

PhD student: I am looking to investigate simple aromatic compounds at extreme conditions (low temperature and/or high pressures) using the XIPHOS facilities in Durham. This is in order to probe the nature of intermolecular forces (the hydrogen bond, pi-pi stacking forces and interhalogen bonding) and thus to gain a deeper understanding of packing in crystals, particularly those of supra-molecular compounds.