January 05, 2012

Today, Durham University Cycling Club braved the roads of Spain for the first time since 2011. Starting at the top of a hill as always, the 13 members of the club, including a couple of alumni and Adam Radford of Citrus Cycling, attempted not crash on the first descent of the day.

With the temperature a cosy 21°C, the club breezed along the coast hoping that they wouldn’t be stopped by yet another traffic light. With repeated calls of ‘We’re going too fast’ from first year Rob ‘almost as tall as Claytes’ Lambton, soon to be joined by GreenEdge rider Tomas Vaitkus. The pace didn’t let up, with Miles and Haynes attacking the climb from Denia to Xabea, and Kat Broadbent beating Alex Claytonup the hill… with a little helping hand from Vaitkus!

Other notable moments included, Jakob ‘Jens’ Reichart’s two pieces of cake and Matt Wilson getting something in both eyes at the same time. Alex Humphries did his level best, and managed it, to not be the last one home, by repeatedly dropping Nathan ‘I’m missing gears so I’ll have to go slower’ Edwards on the run in, and managing to beat him and Wilson back to the villa.

Not everyone has managed a mention, but I’m sure they will get some in the next few days.

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