Arab Academy : Cairo-based company offering on-line Arabic courses at various levels

Arabic Made Unforgettable (basic Arabic vocabulary exercises)

The Arabic Cyberclassroom

BABEL: Arabic

ArabesQ (educational software)


From English to Arabic (basic multimedia Arabic course)

Free Light Arabic

Académie de Lyon (a plethora of useful teaching resources and links)

Académie de Versailles (Arabic language resources, the teaching journal 'Midad', etc.)

Sorbonne University Arabic examinations (samples of 'CAPES' and 'Agrégation' Arabic teaching certificate examinations)

Arabeyes.org (Arabic software)

Fun with Arabic

The ins and outs of Levantine Arabic (Syro-Lebanese)

Multimedia Syrian Arabic coursebook (freely downloadable!)

UPenn resources

Kamous.com(Arabic language resources)

Language Guide

Ajeeb (Arabic language resources)

Arabic Sounds and Pictures

Arabic Language Home Page (useful Arabic words and phrases)

National Institute for Technology and Liberal Education (NITLE)

Studying Arabic at the Arab Gateway

Learn Arabic On-line (audiovisual vocabulary and pronunciation course)

The Arabic Teacher

Naturalarabic (bilingual texts, audio and language notes)

ReadWrite Arabic: learning the Arabic script

Arabic typing tutor 

Web Arabic: French/English site for Arabic learners (vocabular with transcription, pronunciation)

Aramedia Arabic Software

Learn Lebanese (a course in Colloquial Lebanese)

Library of
Arabic audio-visual materials

Sakhrmedia (Arabic teaching and learning software)


SCOLA Arabic Insta-Class (teacher resources, including newspaper articles with vocabulary and grammar keys)

Shari’a Programme (courses in Islamic sciences and classical Arabic)

University of Pennsylvania on-line course

Lexicorient.com (web-based beginners' course)

Arabic multimedia course (Tareq)

UCLA Language Materials Project

LangSource: Database of Language and Cultural Resources

UkIndia's Arabic-Learning Page

American Association Of Teachers Of Arabic (teaching and learning resources)

The Arabic Alphabet Learning System

Yemen  Links