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Daniel Newman (°1963) holds a PhD in Arabic Language and Literature from the School of Oriental and Afr­ican Studies
(London University).



Arabic Linguistics and Dialectology (Year 4)

Arabic-English translation (Year 4)

Translation theory (Year 4)

Specialised Translation (Year 4)

M.A. in Arabic-English Translation and Interpreting  (CLICK HERE for more information)

Contrastive Linguistics

Arabic-English Translation

Arabic>English Legal Translation

Arabic>English Business & Technical Translation

Arabic>English Interpreting

Translation Theory

Administrative Duties

Head of Arabic Department (2005-6, 2009)

Course Director, M.A. in Arabic/English Translation and Interpreting

Supervision of MA Dissertations

Currently supervising nine PhD Dissertations in the field of Arabic Linguistics and Translation

Research Interests

Arabic phonology and phonetics

Translation and Linguistics

Arabic geographical and travel literature (with special focus on Arab travellers to Europe in the 19th century)

The Tunisian and Egyptian Nahda movements

Selected Publications

A. Print

(2008) “'Ahmad Bey's Journey to the Land of the Fransīs (1846)”, IBLA, 71, pp. 43-102.

(2008) “Myths and signs of alienation in 19th-century rihlat on Europe”, in R. Ostle (ed.), Sensibilities of the Islamic Mediterranean: Self expression in a Mu-slim Culture from post-classical times to the present day, London/New York: I.B. Tauris, 2008, pp. 85-102.

(2008) “رحلة سليمان بن صيام إلى فرنسا (عام 1852 م.): صفحة منسيّة في تاريخ الجزائر” (‘Sulaymān Ibn Siyām’s Journey to Paris, 1852’), Chronos, 17, pp. 17-36.

(2007) Arabic-English Thematic Lexicon, London: Routledge, 205 pp.

(2007) Bilingual Modern Arabic Short Story Reader, London: Saqi Books. (with R. Husni)

(2007) Muslim Women in Law and Society,
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, No 198, pp. 209-228.
(2005) “Contrastive Analysis of the Segments of French and Arabic”, in A. Al-Gibali and Z. Ibrahim (eds.) Semitic Languages and Linguistics, Leiden: EJ Brill, pp. 185-206.

(2004) An Imam in Paris: Al-Tahtawi’s visit to France (1826-31). Annotated translation of Takhlis al-ibriz fi talkhis Bariz by Rifa’a al-Tahtawi (1834), with an introduction,
London: Saqi Books, 405pp.

(2002) "Tunisian representation in Europe in the 19th century: the controversy surrounding the foundation of consulates in Belgium (1863-1865)", Les Cahiers de Tunisie, No. 181, pp. 25-45.

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Frequency analysis of Arabic vowels in connected speech" (co-author J. Verhoeven), Antwerp Papers in Linguistics
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The phonetic status of Arabic within the world's languages: the uniqueness of the lughat al-daad”, Antwerp Papers in Linguistics
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(2002) ‘
The European influence on Arabic during the Nahda: lexical borrowing from European languages (ta’rib) in 19th-century literature”, Arabic Language and Literature, Vol. 5, No. 2, pp. 1-32. (this is a printer-friendly version, without graphs, charts and diacritics)

(2001) ”Arab travellers to Europe until the end of the 18th century and their accounts: historical overviews and themes”, Chronos
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(2001) “Italy in Arabic travel literature until the end of the 19th century: cultural encounters and perceptions of the Other”, Equivalences,
Vol. 29/1-2, pp. 197-234.

(1999) (ed.) Maritime Terminology: Issues in Communication and Translation. Proceedings of the First International Conference on Maritime Terminology (Brussels, 15-16 May 1998)
, Brussels: Éd. Du Hazard (co-editor with M. Van Campenhoudt).

(1993) Elsevier’s Dictionary of Ports and Shipping (English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, German)
, Amsterdam: Elsevier (co-author J. D. van der Tuin).

B. Computer-Assisted Language Learning


Masterspeller -
Interactive multimedia English spelling training package on CD-ROM.
Check out the following site for more information on this program, and much more:

2004 - to date:

development of multimedia Arabic phonetics teaching program

development of multimedia English phonetics teaching program

Work in Progress

- Arabic-English-Arabic Translation: An Advanced Coursebook. (with R.  Husni) (scheduled for publication in July 2010).

- Monograph on Classical Arabic Phonetics Theory

- "Pharyngealization in Arabic: a Cross-Dialectal Study" (British Academy Project)

- Illustrations of the phonetics of the following Arabic dialects: Kuwaiti, Tunisian, Omani, Egyptian Colloquial, Syrian.

Society Memberships

British Society for Middle Eastern Studies (BRISMES)

International Phonetic Association (IPA)