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Current Projects

  Motor Bias Project

  Attention and Eye Movements

  The oculomotor loop in spatial memory

  Attention & Memory in PSP

  Neuro-visual rehabilitation

  Inhibition of Return

  Social Attention

  Sport & Exercise Psychology


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My research examines the interaction between the motor system, specifically the oculomotor system, and cognitive processes such as attention and working memory. My goal is to understand how activity in the motor system helps resolve competition between different representations in the visual system. I also try to apply these findings to developing novel techniques for neurorehabilitation. I use a variety of techniques, including neuropsychological studies of people with neurological problems (eg Hemianopia, Progressive Supranuclear Palsy and Parkinsons Disease), lab-based studies with healthy participants, eye-tracking and neurostimulation (TMS / TDCS).


Fulltext for most of my publications are archived on Durham Research Online, which can be accessed via

1.       Durham University homepage:

2.       ResearchGate:


If you cant access something, drop me an email.


BPS William Inman Prize 2015

I was thrilled to have been part of the team who was awarded the BPS William Inman Prize for our paper on neurorehabilitation of Hemianopia:

Aimola, Lina, Lane, Alison R., Smith, Daniel T., Kerkhoff, Georg, Ford, Gary A. & Schenk, Thomas (2014). Efficacy and feasibility of home-based training for individuals with homonymous visual field defects. Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair 28: 207-218.


EPS Workshop on Oculomotor Readiness & Covert Attention 2016

We hosted a workshop for researchers interested in attention and eye-movements in Durham in April 2016. The keynote was given by Prof Ray Klein (see here for a pdf of the talk). Abstracts for the other talks can be found here

Left to right: Sabine Born, Artem Belopolsky, Ray Klein, Dan Smith, Aarlenne Khan, Amelia Hunt, Laure Pisella, Daniela Balslev, Stefan van der Stigchel


Motor Bias Project

In September 2016 I began the Motor Bias Project, which is a collaborative, ORA funded study with Prof Thomas Schenk (Munich) and Dr Stefan van Stigchel (Utrecht) designed to understand the role of the motor system in guiding spatial attention.

A Motor Bias Theory of Attention


PhD Students

Im always interested to hear from students with an interest in any of my research areas. If you are considering a career in research you are welcome to contact me to discuss research ideas and funding opportunities such as the Durham Doctoral Fellowship. Im currently lead supervisor for Robert Swalwell, Rebekah Brockbank (ESRC: NEDTC) and Kasey Philyaw (Team Durham) .


Durham Leverhulme Doctoral Scholarships

There is funding available for interdisciplinary work on visual culture. Im interested in projects looking at the exploration and use of maps. Drop me an email if youre interested!

Previous Doctoral Students

Dr Helen Knight

Dr Stephen Dunne