In our work, we collaborate with a number of groups within and beyond the University of Durham. We also collaborate with several industrial companies.

Academic collaborators   Industrial collaborators
Dr. Robert Pal Durham University Bracco Imaging Milan, Italy
Prof. Andy Beeby Durham University CISbio International Bagnols-sur-Ceze, France
Dr. Bob Peacock University of Glasgow Molecular Devices Sunnyvale, USA
Prof. Silvio Aime University of Turin Durham, UK (group spin-out)
Prof. Mauro Botta University of Alessandria, Italy
Profs. Andrew Blamire
& Ross Maxwell
Newcastle University
Prof. Carlos Geraldes Coimbra University, Portugal
Prof. Lorenzo di Bari University of Pisa
Dr. Lars-Olof Palsson Durham University
Prof. Cornelius Faber University of Münster