The Parker Group, Durham

In the Parker group we are involved in the synthesis and investigation of a variety of systems for use as analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic agents in vivo and in vitro, typically using chiral metal complexes.

This website gives details of current and recent members of the Parker Group, as well as giving a brief outline of the group research interests. We have included our publications should you wish to read further.

In addition, there are pages giving information about our academic and industrial collaborators both in the UK and throughout the rest of the world. Finally we have a page with some informal photos of the group over the decades.

Our financial support comes from the EPSRC, CISBio and the Royal Society.

Contact the group leader, Prof. David Parker, by e-mail (

The Parker Group scientific ancestry can be found here.


15.06.17 : Congratulations to Andrew Frawley for winning the prize for the best inorganic presentation at the Annual Gala Postgraduate Symposium!

02.06.17 : Congratulations to Hannah Blandon for winning 2nd prize in the MChem project poster session!

10.05.17 : Congratulations to Kevin Mason and the University Staff Football team for their 3-0 victory over Josephine Butler A team in the University trophy final!

01.04.17 : Welcome to Professor Carlos Geraldes (University of Coimbra), who joins the group as a visiting COFUND Senior Research Fellow at Trevelyan College.

21.03.17 : David, Sergey and Alice present work at The Royal Society's Molecular Imaging meetings in London and at Chicheley Hall.

01.11.16 : Chemistry World publishes a feature on new MRI contrast agents, including some of the Parker group's work on Parashift probes.

10.10.16 : Welcome to Hannah Blandon and Olga Tyurina, our new MChem project students!

30.08.16 : Alice Harnden and Laura Jennings present their work at the European Biological Inorganic Chemistry Conference in Budapest.

15.07.16 : 1st Year PhD student Alice Harnden has won an RSC poster prize at the 2016 Molecular Imaging Conference at Warwick University. Congratulations!

14.07.16 : Welcome to Stefania di Vita who joins us for a summer project working on emissive europium complexes.

10.07.16 : PhD student Andrew Frawley presents his research at the International Symposium on Macrocyclic and Supramolecular Chemistry in Seoul, S. Korea.

05.02.16 : Congratulations also to Katie-Louise Finney for a successful viva!

07.01.16 : Congratulations to Emily Neil for passing her PhD viva today!

04.01.16 : Welcome to our new PDRA, Dr Kevin Mason, who joins us from the University of Copenhagen.

22.12.15 : 2nd Year PhD student Andrew Frawley has won a poster prize the RSC's Macrocyclic and Supramolecular Chemistry Meeting . His poster was titled 'Chiral Macrocyclic Eu(III) Complexes for Security Tagging and Labelling'.

09.10.15 : Welcome to our new group members, PhD students Alice Harnden and Laura Jennings, and 4th year MChem project students Ryan Waters and Russell Wood.

26.06.15 : Congratulations to Dr Martina Delbianco, winner of the 2015 Ken Wade Prize for best PhD thesis.

05.12.14 : Congratulations to Martina Delbianco and Alex Funk who both successfully defended their PhD vivas this week!

24.10.14 : 3rd Year PhD student Katie-Louise Finney has won the poster prize at ISACS 13 (Challenges in Inorganic and Materials Chemistry) held in Dublin. Her winning poster was titled 'Development of 1H PARASHIFT Probes for Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy and Imaging'.

04.11.13 : Part of our research is currently featured in Chemistry World.