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The Importance of Being Earnest - Ooook! Productions - Photo by Rose InnesDurham's theatre scene is unlike that of virtually any other university in the UK. On the one hand, Durham Student Theatre (DST) acts as an umbrella organisation for many theatre companies affiliated to us: providing them with services such as managing and providing box-office staff, props, costumes, set, make-up, advice, not to mention a fantastic range of technical expertise and equipment. We are also a union for our members: students who love the performing arts: be it treading the boards, writing the story, directing the action, working backstage, rigging the lights, making the costumes, designing the sound or simply enjoying the show.

Durham Student Theatre is not only one of the most active theatre societies in the UK, with around 70 shows performed in venues across Durham each year, it is also one of the few with its own student-run theatre: The Assembly Rooms Theatre, Durham. The Assembly Rooms Theatre offers a traditional proscenium arch theatre in the centre of the historic city of Durham, with great technical support and opportunities available. On top of this shows are performed all over Durham, from the iconic Durham Cathedral to the Indoor Market, there is no limit to the opportunities available. Durham theatre companies regularly head up to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, as well as locations across the UK. We also celebrate and encourage new pieces of writing at our own yearly Durham Drama Festival.

From Pinter to Porter, Shakespeare to Sondheim, there is no shortage of opportunities in DST.

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Our Mission Statement

Durham Student Theatre exists as a community to create, develop and support drama at Durham University. We are unique in that we have our own proscenium arch theatre and a variety of quirky venues across the historic city of Durham. With over 600 members, DST is brimming with creative, likeminded individuals who come together to perform a diverse range of shows. Whether it's organising the Freshers' Play or the celebration of new writing that is Durham Drama Festival, DST seeks to encourage all of its members to get involved in every possible way. Whether you want to be onstage, backstage, produce, direct, or even run your own theatre company, Durham Student Theatre aims to provide opportunities and to support its members in what they love doing, and to thrive, develop, enjoy and ultimately make the most of the high quality theatre we offer.

Our Theatre Companies

DST acts as a umbrella for many Durham theatre companies. This year we have 27 constituent theatre companies.

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DST's theatre companies and members celebrate at our end of year celebrations at the D'Oscars 2014

Durham Zambia Drama Project

Zambia ProjectThe Durham Zambia Student Theatre Project is an exciting, student-led exchange and outreach programme between students at Durham University and various groups and participants in Lusaka, Zambia. The project aims to use the language of theatre as a medium of communication, education and empowerment, creating drama pieces, cultivating friendships and promoting a fun time for all.

The team members of Durham Student Theatre travel to Lusaka to work with children from challenging and largely impoverished backgrounds. Each day is spent partaking in and leading a variety of drama-based activities.

The project is generously supported and co-ordinated by Experience Durham.

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