Durham University Improvised Comedy Society

Edinburgh Fringe Returners Show

Thursday 27th October, 8pm, Kingsgate room in DSU

Shellshock! is taking to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for the ninth year in a row with a faced-paced, hilarious mix of longform and shortform. Come along to our shows at theSpace @ Jury's Inn at 7pm (14th - 19th August) or at theSpace @ Surgeons' Hall at 6pm (21st - 26th August).

You can expect fast paced hijinks and unabashed merriment in our improvised comedy show. Our characters, locations, plots and everything else will be created on the spot and in the moment based on suggestions we take from you, the audience. This show has never been seen before and never will be seen again. So note the details below and show up a little early for the good seats.

Where: at the Edinburgh Fringe 2017 When: August Why: We got a lovely review. Read it below.

"""Each night will be completely different and original so there is no reason to stop anyone going to see this group more than once. Each night will hold something different but you can guarantee it will be hilarious. """ - BroadwayBaby

The Exec

Team 1

Marie Wohrle


Mary is the president of Shellshock! and is planning loads of exciting stuff for this year! When she isn’t busy improvising or writing presidential e-mails, she studies Archaeology and Anthropology in her third year.

In her quest to become a well-rounded individual, she has amongst other things built a set of stairs and a bridge which both stood for multiple years (neither of were very round though, I presume). In other fascinating news, she can still do the dance routine to the Hannah Montana movie flashmob (she didn't know the song, but the trustworthy internet tells me it is calls the Hoedown Throwdown). As she lived in a house with internet the speed of Dial-Up until she was 16, that must've been how she spent her time.

Team 2

Alastair Forbes


Alastair is starting his Master's degree in history this year. As history is a very writing-based subject, he is very prepared for his job as secretary!

Alastair is possession of an entire Human Female whom he refers to affectionately (?) as "his twin sister". He is the smartest and best looking of all the improv exec. Or maybe all the students in Durham. He is also the one in charge of compiling these facts. Coincidentally.

Team 3

Katy Johnes

Workshop Officer

A finalist in a combined honours degree, and a year abroad just completed, Katy is ready to take on whatever will happen in our workshops this year!

She has had her fair share of extra-ordinary experiences, as fascinating and amazing as she is! She travelled six hours in a minibus from Chitawan to Kathmandu with Spanish gospel singers, so it is only clear that personally, she finds bananas mildy pathetic. After all they just hang around their bush/palm tree/whatever they grow on (history isn't biology, guys) and never go on exciting trips! Last but not least, in fact, very importantly, her pet spoon is called Butter. Butter is far more exciting than those pasky bananas.

Team 3

Nathan Tommis

Workshop Officer

Nathan is in his third year of an English degree and host and producer of the improv podcast Non-Sequitur (guess which one he dedicates more time to!).

Nathan is also in possession of a coin collection and one of his maternal ancestors was a highway man (I'm assuming no correlation here, but who knows?). The last fact he says himself is true: he has once died while attempting to create the glory of the puppet god. I'll leave tat without further explanation.

Team 3

Alastair Poole


Following a tradition of Mathmathics students filling the office of Treasurer, Alastair stepped up to brave the harsh world of finances. He says he is positive he can handle the finance sharks with ease. Just in his second year of university, he survived many daring tales already.

Being the only person we know to end June ball with a mountain of cheese in one hand and a pair of Stilettos in the other, he says he sure knows about smelly business. He also told us how he demonstrated incredible diplomatic talent when he broke the tooth and glasses of a friend whilst reenacting the charge of the light brigade on the Castles barbican, and yet remained good friends with them. Last but not least he claims to have been pronounced General Jaffa after devouring 72 Jaffa cakes and a cake-size Jaffa cake while he was spectating especially long halo game. We don’t know about you, but we’re pretty sure that at least one of his stories isn’t true.

Team 3

Harriet Shaw

Social Secretary

Harriet is a second year Maths student.She has started off with putting more socials in the months of May and June than the society had in the two years beforehand. I don't know how.

Aside from making us all socialise, she has acted as a Geordie translater around Hatfield (and for us as well!). She has also once fangirled over Boris Johnson - him showing up somewhere near her, not his policies. And my favourite bit of Harriet-information is that her dog's middle name is Mungo, which is amazing, because a. this dog as a middle name, and b. it is Mungo!

Team 3

Position Vacant

Publicity Officer

Having lost our Northern Irish contingent to graduation, we're in search of a new person to impress us with their amazing posters, website-things and other publicity related talents/reasonable attempts.

Please apply by sending us an e-mail, because Marie is currently in charge of updating this website, and she is very confused and needs help.

Join Us!

Do you love laughing? Then we love you.

It’s heart-warming. So come along to our improvised comedy workshops, from 20:00 to 21:30 every term-time Tuesday in the Vane Tempest room in the DSU. They are open to all, regardless of experience, age, or willingness to participate in games.* Workshops are normally held in the Vane Tempest, but feel free to e-mail the address below to check or to ask for directions. You can also use this address to find out more about the society or ask to be added to our e-mailing list for updates on workshops and shows. We like new people, so no one will get eaten by anybody.

After trying improv out, realising that it is what your life has been missing all this time, falling so desperately in love with it that you try to describe it to someone before remembering to ask their name, and being admitted to A&E twice for having laughed to a dangerous degree, we ask that you become a member of the society. Membership costs £3.50 for a year, or £5.00 for life, and has the added benefit of getting you reduced admission to performances.

We look forward to seeing you soon (unless you’re a sadistic murderer).

*Non-student members are very, very welcome, but please e-mail the address below to let us know you’re coming. We need advance warning of people from The Outside.

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    Vane Tempest room, DSU
    Durham University
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