Durham University Improvised Comedy Society

Edinburgh Fringe Returners Show

Thursday 27th October, 8pm, Kingsgate room in DSU

Shellshock! has reformed and risen like a phoenix after the blaze of laughter and mayhem which was Edinburgh fringe festival. Come along to our first open (and free) show of the year where we plan to rekindle that flame.

You can expect fast paced hijinks and unabashed merriment in our improvised comedy show. Our characters, locations, plots and everything else will be created on the spot and in the moment based on suggestions we take from you, the audience. This show has never been seen before and never will be seen again. So note the details below and show up a little early for the good seats.

Where: DSU, Kingsgate Room When: Thursday 27th October, 8pm Why: We got a lovely review. Read it below.

"""Each night will be completely different and original so there is no reason to stop anyone going to see this group more than once. Each night will hold something different but you can guarantee it will be hilarious. """ - BroadwayBaby

The Exec

Team 1

Aca Delic


Aca has been the president of Shellshock! Since December 2015, and has been doing an excellent job. When he isn’t busy improvising or writing presidential e-mails, he studies Archaeology and Anthropology in his second year.

He dug up some interesting experiences to share with us, some he participated in, some he observed. Sitting around the site of his legendary cake faceplant, he claimed he once sold a painting he made himself for £100 and told the story of how he wrote and staged a play. Later on, he shared the tale of the time he caused three canal boats to ram into one another. According to an ancient Babylonian stone panel, he made up one of these stories, but which one is it?

Team 2

Marie Wohrle


After we decided for reasons unknown that someone whose first language isn’t English should be responsible for a lot of writing, Marie ended up with that post. She studies Anthropology in her first year.

She says she has learned to appreciate that technically everything can be connected to that subject and handed in an essay with a joke about various politicians. She also declared she has read three Harry Potter books in one day and has taken classes for ten different styles of dancing during my life. Although we’d expect secretaries to be completely truthful, she is deviating from this cultural norm by telling two truths and one lie.

Team 3

William Huntley

Workshop Officer

Will has a great passion for workshops and loves planning ahead, which is exactly what we need in a workshop offices. Despite sharing a name with a famous pirate he didn’t head the call to the seven seas, but studies Modern Languages in his second year. He will soon explore Siberia in the winter to improve his Russian. Before his tongue will freeze out there and keep him from ever telling stories again, he left us with three amazing ones. And the helpful information that one of them is completely made up.

He started with a fairly tame story (“I’ve been to "Rohan", where they filmed the bits for the LOTR films.”), but soon got more adventurous in his story-telling, reliving the time he had a loaded gun pointed at him and sneaking in some comments on the 80,000 word long book he wrote – after all, he shares his first name with multiple writers!

Team 3

Alastair Poole


Following a tradition of Mathmathics students filling the office of Treasurer, Alastair stepped up to brave the harsh world of finances. He says he is positive he can handle the finance sharks with ease. Just in his second year of university, he survived many daring tales already.

Being the only person we know to end June ball with a mountain of cheese in one hand and a pair of Stilettos in the other, he says he sure knows about smelly business. He also told us how he demonstrated incredible diplomatic talent when he broke the tooth and glasses of a friend whilst reenacting the charge of the light brigade on the Castles barbican, and yet remained good friends with them. Last but not least he claims to have been pronounced General Jaffa after devouring 72 Jaffa cakes and a cake-size Jaffa cake while he was spectating especially long halo game. We don’t know about you, but we’re pretty sure that at least one of his stories isn’t true.

Team 3

James Fulton

Publicity Officer

A publicity officer should know how to make graphics and exciting posters and great websites and James can definitely do that. Proof: the website you are on right now! As a third year Physics student, he definitely knows about graphs. He just needs to add a Higgs field to it and there we are: Graph-Higgs. Graphics.

He also likes to add some matter to his story-telling and warned us that one of the three following stories can easily be falsified. He says he was once slapped in the face with a slug in a condom on top of a mountain. He then added that he has played for Ireland in the Quidditch world cup. Another discovery about him is that someone earnestly threatened to stab him with a pair of sunglasses once. We just wish we knew which one of these is the dead cat.

Team 3

George McKenna

Social Secretary

In a strangely peaceful fusion of Arts and Sciences, first year Modern Languages and Cultures student George is the other half of our social secretary team. Being the “other half” in this case does not mean he is in any way inferior to his counterpart – after all, he speaks enough languages to be social with everyone, even the international students.

Aside from the language of party, he also speaks music and says he has written a song longer than 45 minutes. Another story he told (thankfully in English!) was that he has been slapped in the face by more people than kissed on the lips. We guess that one would be body language. He also insists he has only been drunk once. We’re not too sure about the semantics at play here, but one of these stories doesn’t seem to be true.

Team 3

Catherine Hodges

Social Secretary

Catherine is one half of our social secretary team. She’s a third year Chemistry student, so she knows all about explosive things. We are definitely looking forward to explosive nights out – or at least a few games of “Exploding Kittens” and 2 Rooms and a Boom”.

In her tales, her private life sounds equally explosive as the labs in her degree: she once gave a stripper a lap dance, fell asleep in a museum and ended up having a mini tea party with the security guards after hours and was taught archery by a former Russian Olympic coach. While all three of her stories seem to be pretty solid, one of them is just hot air and a bit of smoke. We’re a bit scared to ask which one, she might be armed with scary chemicals. Scary? Sorry, we meant to say interesting and entertaining!

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It’s heart-warming. So come along to our improvised comedy workshops, from 20:00 to 21:30 every term-time Tuesday in the Vane Tempest room in the DSU. They are open to all, regardless of experience, age, or willingness to participate in games.* Workshops are normally held in the Vane Tempest, but feel free to e-mail the address below to check or to ask for directions. You can also use this address to find out more about the society or ask to be added to our e-mailing list for updates on workshops and shows. We like new people, so no one will get eaten by anybody.

After trying improv out, realising that it is what your life has been missing all this time, falling so desperately in love with it that you try to describe it to someone before remembering to ask their name, and being admitted to A&E twice for having laughed to a dangerous degree, we ask that you become a member of the society. Membership costs £3.50 for a year, or £5.00 for life, and has the added benefit of getting you reduced admission to performances.

We look forward to seeing you soon (unless you’re a sadistic murderer).

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