Presenter instructions

Oral presentations

Level 4 students will be given instructions on length of presentation and content by the module co-ordinator, Ed Llewellin.

Poster presentations

Poster evaluation

At least one colleague will evaluate your poster during the poster sessions. Each delegate will be assigned at least 1 poster to review. Poster number and the evaluation form for each poster will be given to participants at the registration desk upon their arrival. The form will include a number of criteria to be evaluated, including the scientific quality of the presentation, the design and the author's ability to answer questions, with marks from 0 to 10. The reviewers will anonymously complete their evaluation form after viewing your poster, and return it to the registration desk. Each poster author will be provided with their reviews by the organising committee, no later than 2 weeks after the conference. It is important that you stand by your poster at the allotted time so that reviewers can talk to you.

Rapid Research competition

You should submit a single PowerPoint slide to by 22:00 on 6th June 2019. The competition will be in TR3 (ES231). You should make sure you are in the room for the entire time slot as the presentations will lead directly on from each other – be ready to talk as soon as the previous presenter has finished! The running order for the competition will be available at registration on the day of the conference.


Please set up your stall before the first coffee break at 10:30. Please liaise with a committee member (at the registration desk at the entrance to TR1) on arrival.