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EBSE Bibliography: Papers by Molokken-Ostvold

  1. A Survey on Software Estimation in the Norwegian Industry (2004)

    [citation]K.J. Molokken-Ostvold and M. Jorgensen and S.S. Tanilkan and H. Gallis and A.C. Lien and S.E. Hove

  2. How large are software cost overruns? A review of the 1994 CHAOS report (2006)

    [citation]Magne Jorgensen and Kjetil Molokken-Ostvold

  3. Software Effort Estimation Terminology: The Tower of Babel (2006)

    [citation]S. Grimstad and M. Jorgensen and K. Molokken-Ostvold

  4. The Clients' Impact on Effort Estimation Accuracy in Software Development Projects (2005)

    [citation]Stein Grimstad, Magne Jorgensen and Kjetil Molokken-Ostvold

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