Evidence-Based Software Engineering

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EBSE Bibliography: Papers by Niazi

  1. Experiences using Systematic Review Guidelines (2006)

    [citation]Mark Staples and Mahmood Niazi

  2. Systematic Literature Reviews in Software Engineering - A Tertiary Study (2010)

    [citation]Barbara Kitchenham and Rialette Pretorius and David Budgen and O. Pearl Brereton and Mark Turner and Mahmood Niazi and Stephen Linkman

  3. Systematic review: Systematic review of organizational motivations for adopting CMM-based SPI (2008)

    [citation]Staples, Mark and Niazi, Mahmood

  4. The impact of search procedures for systematic literature reviews – A participant-observer case study (2009)

    [citation]Kitchenham, B., Brereton, P., Turner, M., Niazi, M., Pretorius, P. and Budgen, D.

The bibliography was last updated on 25th June, 2011