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Engaging the net generation with evidence-based software engineering through a community-driven web database

Author(s)David S. Janzen and Jungwoo Ryoo
DetailsArticle: 2009
AbstractSoftware engineering faculty face the challenge of educating future researchers and industry practitioners regarding the generation of empirical software engineering studies and their use in evidence-based software engineering. In order to engage the Net generation with this topic, we propose development and population of a community-driven Web database containing summaries of empirical software engineering studies. We also present our experience with integrating these activities into a graduate software engineering course. These efforts resulted in the creation of "SEEDS: Software Engineering Evidence Database System". Graduate students initially populated SEEDS with 216 summaries of empirical software engineering studies. The summaries were randomly sampled and reviewed by industry professionals who found the student-written summaries to be at least as useful as professional-written summaries. In fact, 30% more of the respondents found the student-written summaries to be "very useful". Motivations, student and instructor-developed prototypes, and assessments of the resulting artifacts will be discussed.
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TopicsApplication, Education, Secondary Study, Software Engineering

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