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A Conceptual Model of ICT-Supported Unified Process of International Outsourcing of Software Production

Author(s)Anicet Yalaho
DetailsConference Proceedings: 2006
AbstractThis is an ongoing research in international outsourcing software production. This research examines how Software production through the ICTsupported unified process of international outsourcing could be executed and managed effectively. To address this research question, the results of an in-depth literature review in the areas of outsourcing, international outsourcing, information technology, and international software production is presented. This study proposes the information communication technologies' (ICT) - supported unified process model of international outsourcing of software production (SUPMIOSP). ICT-SUPMIOSP provides a detailed guideline on how to manage the entire process of international outsourcing by integrating a number of key issues such as relationship and risks management. Both theoretical and practical aspects of ICTSUPMIOSP are presented. At the theoretical level, the model can be used as a basis for further research, while at the practical level, it helps managers and other stakeholders to understand the multiple activities involved in offshore outsourcing, improve, systematize, and execute the ICT-SUPIOSP more effectively and efficiently.
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TopicsApplication, Outsourcing, Secondary Study

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