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Improving Evidence about Software Technologies: A Look at Model-Based Testing

Author(s)Neto, A.D., Subramanyan, R., Viera, M., Travassos, G.H. and Shull, F.
DetailsArticle: 2008
AbstractModel-based testing (MBT) approaches help automatically generate test cases using models extracted from software artifacts, and hold the promise to greatly affect how we build software. A review of the literature shows that certain specialized domains are applying MBT, but it does not yet seem to be a mainstream approach. The authors therefore conducted a systematic review of the literature to investigate how much evidence is available on MBT's costs and benefits, especially regarding how these techniques compare to other common testing approaches. They use these results to derive suggestions regarding what types of studies might further increase the deployment of these techniques.
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TopicsApplication, Model Driven Engineering, Secondary Study, Testing

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