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One of the goals of this website is to document secondary studies of software engineering topics. This page classifies SLRs and mapping studies using the knowledge areas defined by the SWEBOK.

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[S46] Tailoring and Introduction of the Rational Unified Process

2007, Geir Kjetil Hanssen and Finn Olav Bjørnson and Hans Westerheim

Source: Systematic Literature Reviews in Software Engineering - A Tertiary Study

RUP is a comprehensive software development process framework that has gained a lot of interest by the industry. One major challenge of taking RUP into use is to tailor it to specific needs and then to introduce it into a development organization. This study presents a review and a systematic assembly of existing studies on the tailoring and introduction of RUP. From a systematic search for study reports on this topic we found that most research is anecdotal and focus on the effects of RUP itself. Only a few number of studies address tailoring and introduction. We have found that tailoring RUP is a considerable challenge by itself and that it must be closely related to existing best practices. We see a tendency of turning from large complete process frameworks towards smaller and more light-weight processes which may impose a smoother transition from process model to process in use.
Our Assessment: Hanssen et al. reviewed five industrial case studies that discussed issues concerned with the introduction and tailoring of the rational unified process. They found that, as provided, RUP is too complex for companies to adopt easily, but tailoring RUP is also complex. They observed a trend towards a more light weight process to allow a smoother transition from modeling to use.
Software RequirementsS23, S26, S27, S63
Software DesignS1, S25, S31, S38
Software ConstructionS18, S43, S61
Software TestingS10, S17, S28, S62
Software MaintenanceS24, S30
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Software Engineering ManagementM4, S5, S7, S8, S11, S12, S14, S21, S22, S29, S45, S46, S53, S66
Software Engineering ProcessesS3, S41, S47, S49, S50
Software Engineering Tools and MethodsS60, S64, S65
Software QualityM1, S15
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