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Empirical evidence about the UML: A Systematic Literature ReviewPosted by Andy Burn on 25 June 2011

A new study recently published by in Software - Practice and Experience details a systematic literature review investigating empirical evidence about the UML, concluding that "[d]espite indications that a number of problems exist with UML models, researchers tend to use the UML as a 'given' and seem reluctant to ask questions that might help to make it more effective." [Tags: slr, uml]

Updated protocol: Teaching Novices Programming Using RobotsPosted by Andy Burn on 18 January 2011

Louis Major of Keele University has released the final version of Teaching Novices Programming Using Robots. [Tags: programming, protocol, robotics, slr, teaching]

New Protocol: Teaching Novices Programming Using RoboticsPosted by Andy Burn on 19 August 2010

Louis Major, a PhD student at Keele University, is currently investigating innovative methods that can be used in the teaching of computer language programming and has produced a protocol for a systematic literature review of the use of robotics in this area. [Tags: programming, protocol, robotics, slr, teaching]

SLRs in Software Engineering - A Tertiary StudyPosted by Andy Burn on 4 May 2010

A new study, extending a previously reported tertiary study is now available at Science Direct. The study has uncovered an additional 35 SLRs, reflecting increased adoption in software engineering research.

Systematic Literature Reviews in Software Engineering - A Tertiary Study [Tags: slr, tertiary]

Marcus Ciolkowski: What do we know about perspective-based reading?Posted by Andy Burn on 19 January 2010

Are you interested in inspections as a means of checking design and code correctness? Do you want to know which type of inspection is the most effective? If so, you should check out Marcus Ciolowski's systematic literature review published in the Proceedings of the the Third International Symposium on Empirical Software Engineering and Measurement. [Tags: inspection, slr]

IST Special Online IssuePosted by Andy Burn on 1 June 2009

Information and Software Technology (IST) has just published an on-line special issue featuring eight recent systematic reviews. Find it by clicking on the banner on the IST home page. [Tags: slr]

New TemplatesPosted by Andy Burn on 5 May 2009

Two new templates have been added, both for secondary studies: "Template for a Systematic Literature Review" and "Template for a Mapping Study". [Tags: mappingstudy, slr, template]

EBSE Supplementary Guidelines for StudentsPosted by Andy Burn on 20 March 2009

To aid students in their use of EBSE methodology Austen Rainer (University of Hertfordshire) and Sarah Beecham (Brunel University) have developed and refined a set of supplementary guidelines for the EBSE methodology. [Tags: guidelines, slr]

Requirements ElicitationPosted by Andy Burn on 17 March 2009

Software developers and software managers - want to know what requirements elicitation method to use? Are sophisticated methods better than structured interviews? Alan Davis and colleagues have answers to these questions. [Tags: requirements, slr]

Systematic Literature ReviewsPosted by Andy Burn on 16 March 2009

Want an overview of topics already addressed by systematic literature review? A recent study looks at 20 systematic reviews. If you are interested in cost estimation, you'll find references to 9 important systematic literature reviews. Other topics covered include experiments in software engineering and testing studies. [Tags: slr, tertiarystudy]

Agile MethodsPosted by Andy Burn on 13 March 2009

Interested in agile methods? Software developers and managers - want to know what their impact will be on your development process? Academics and researchers - want to know what we do and don't know about agile methods? Two recent systematic literature reviews will help. [Tags: agilemethods, slr]