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Updated protocol: Teaching Novices Programming Using RobotsPosted by Andy Burn on 18 January 2011

Louis Major of Keele University has released the final version of Teaching Novices Programming Using Robots. [Tags: programming, protocol, robotics, slr, teaching]

New Protocol: Teaching Novices Programming Using RoboticsPosted by Andy Burn on 19 August 2010

Louis Major, a PhD student at Keele University, is currently investigating innovative methods that can be used in the teaching of computer language programming and has produced a protocol for a systematic literature review of the use of robotics in this area. [Tags: programming, protocol, robotics, slr, teaching]

EBSE for TeachersPosted by Andy Burn on 30 June 2009

A new section has been created on the EBSE website specifically for teachers, indicating areas of the website which will be of particular interest to teachers and highlighting a number of studies on software engineering education. [Tags: teaching, website]