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EPIC Case Study 2 – Extension of a Tertiary Study

Author(s)Barbara Kitchenham, O. Pearl Brereton, Mark Turner

This protocol describes a case study undertaken as one of a series of case studies planned by the EPIC project aimed at investigating different procedures that can be adopted when undertaking a software engineering systematic literature review. In particular, the case study will investigate the value of a broad search process, the importance of grey literature, and the value of an automated rather than a manual search. This will be undertaken as a participant-observer study using a multiple-case embedded case study design.

The protocol outlines the case study roles and responsibilities, the data collection, analysis and interpretation process and the quality assurance process used to ensure that the results are not biased by unexpected events. The main limitations of the case study are that the case is rather atypical of software engineering SLRs and the context of a broad search is limited to that of automated search of many digital libraries.

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