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Review Protocol – Agile Software Development

Author(s)Tore Dyba

The concept of "Agile Software Development" has sparked a lot of interest in both industry and academia. Advocates of agile methods consider them the best thing that has happened to SE in recent years, while opponents view them as a backlash comparing them to hacking.

There is therefore a need to undertake a systematic review of the available empirical research relevant to agile software development to present a fair evaluation of the benefits and limitations by using a trustworthy, rigorous, and auditable methodology.

Thus, the purpose of this protocol is to specify the plan which the review will follow to identify, appraise and collate the evidence on the benefits and limitations of agile software development.

This protocol is used in the following study:

  • Dyba, T. and Dingsoyr T. (2008) Empirical studies of agile software development: A systematic review, IST, 50, pp 833-859.
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