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Rydberg atoms
Cavity Ring Down Spectroscopy
Reaction Mechanisms
Cold Molecules
Group members

Last updated 24/04/2012

Current group members

Dr Eckart Wrede e-mail website Research Group Leader
Dr Dennis (Lianzhong) Deng e-mail Postdoc on cold molecules project from Sep 2011
Mr Adrian Rowland e-mail PhD student on cold molecules project from Oct 2009
Miss Jenny Shepley UG project student 2011/12


Past group members

Miss Jenny Shepley UG project student 2011/12 starts at TPP (software development for healthcare organisations)
Dr Scott Sanders PhD student 2007-2011 Centre for Process Innovation, Redcar
Mr Nicholas Davis UG project student 2010/11
Ms Clare Nicoll UG project student 2009/10
Mr Neil Ord UG project student 2009/10
Ms Sian Matthews UG project student 2008/09
Mr Robert Rae UG project student 2008/09 with Procter & Gamble U.K.
Mr Oliver Willis UG project student 2008/09 PhD with Dr Hendrik Nahler, Durham
Ms Laura Harris UG project student 2007/08
Ms Gemma Johnson UG project student 2007/08
Dr Alexandre Trottier Postdoctoral Research Associate 2005-2008 Reactor Physics Analyst, Atomic Energy of Canada, Ltd.
Dr Emma Flynn PhD student 2004-08 Management with BT
Mr David Woods

UG project student 2006/07 PhD with Prof. Colin Bain, Durham
Ms Anna Heath

UG project student 2005/06
Dr Stuart Greaves PhD student 2001-05 Postdoc with Prof. Andrew Orr-Ewing at University of Bristol
Ms Emma Futcher UG project student 2004/05 Analytical chemist with Boots, Nottingham
Ms Victoria Whittle UG project student 2003/04 Postgraduate studies at Durham University
Ms Nicola Elliott UG project student 2002/03 Postgraduate studies at University of Bristol
Mr Daniel Murdock UG project student 2001/02 Postgraduate studies at Yale University, USA


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