Reflections on the First ArcheTime Cross-Disciplinary Conference and Exhibition, June 2009

Olga Ast, Catherine Rutgers, Julia Druk


The ArcheTime project ( is a quest: to deepen our understanding of and connection to time. The inaugural ArcheTime event — a cross-disciplinary conference and exhibition — was held in New York over ten days in June, 2009. From this beginning emerged a platform for continuous exchange, as academics, scientists, and artists considered the meaning of time and its manifestations in our lives. The presentations and artworks have engaged an ever-evolving audience in contemplating and responding to their evident themes — from symbols (eggs, sky, alphabet), to natural phenomena (growing plants), to the self (body, psychology) — and have generated a relationship between the participants that has been described as producing a “critical friction,” with multiple disciplines converging and digressing on the common topic of time.


meaning of time

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