Vol 6, No 2 (2014)

Special Issue - Feminism

Table of Contents

Editorial and Acknowledgements

Editorial PDF


Gender inequality in the discourse about, interpretation of, and reaction to sexual difference in morphology and function PDF
Sophie Kirklin 6-12
Rendering ‘Frankenstein’s Monster’ Intelligible: Three Regulatory Discourses of Trans Individuals within Society PDF
Rebecca Duke 13-20
Softcore Pornography, Speech Act Theory and the Subordination and Silencing of Women PDF
Hannah Storey 21-37
Ruskin’s Separate Spheres and Early Modern Medicine: A Critical Study of a Patriarchal Paradigm PDF
Gareth Carter 38-41
Heroes and Queens: Gender Identity in Statius' Achilleid PDF
Justin Murray 42-62
‘We can never become post-feminists’ (Isobel Armstrong): a discussion of the relevance of post-feminism with reference to Bridget Jones’s Diary. PDF
Eva Hodgekin 63-66
‘The bitch is dead now.’ (James Bond, in Casino Royale) Anti-Feminism in Modern Imaginings of James Bond
Emma Francombe 67-72
‘Just as a script may be enacted in various ways, and just as the play requires both text and interpretation, so the gendered body acts its part in a culturally restricted corporeal space and enacts interpretation with the confines of already existing dir PDF
Ruby Lawrence 73-76
‘Thinkin Bout Same Love’: An Exploration of Homosexuality in Hip-Hop and R&B PDF
Cameron Crees 77-88
Reclaiming Impressionism: How female Impressionist painters challenged the status quo PDF
Zozia Eyers 89-94
‘Like a Lam to the slaughter’: Surrealism and the emasculation of the male in the work of Wifredo Lam and Óscar Domínguez PDF
Ellie Herman 95-102
Imagining 'Modern China'?: The Fantasy and Reality of the 'New Woman' during the 1920s and 1930s PDF
Nicolas Rooney 103-110
Labour, property and the construction of gender in the Ottoman Empire PDF
Harry Cross 111-117
Legalisation: the legal response to understanding prostitution as a spectrum of experience PDF
Kate Galilee, Cherise Lopes-Baker 118-134
Corroborating evidence, rape myths and stereotypes: A vicious circle of attrition PDF
Maxime Rowson 135-143


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